• Communications. Elevated.

    Strata Communications helps organizations build winning relationships.


    Strata works with clients to navigate and deepen successful partnerships. Our approach is grounded in strategic insight and creative problem-solving. We manage issues and opportunities that open doors, build trust and create meaningful change.
    Above all, Strata delivers focused communications counsel that elevates our clients' brand and aspirations.

  • Strategic insight that reads the waves.


    Strata delivers timely and clear-headed counsel – along with new perspectives and insight. We help clients anticipate and respond to issues and opportunities, and forge stronger alliances with groups critical to their success. Strata blends street smarts and industry best-practices to deliver communications solutions that change awareness, thinking and behaviour.



    Where's your next wave breaking?

    Thinking that changes the view.


    Perspective is everything. We diligently research, set clear objectives, deliver on-target counsel and measure success. Above all... we create communications solutions that align with our clients' mission and business goals.


    Ready for a new angle?

    Ideas that move people.



    Successful communications creates meaningful change. It inspires people to see and do things in new ways. Forging community support. Earning trust. Engaging employees. Building brand loyalty. Increasing participation. Strata creates compelling, persuasive communications solutions that resonate with people and move them to action.


    What's your next move?

  • Stratified Expertise

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    Strategic Direction

    Strategic thinking is where it all starts. And it's Strata's core strength. We give clients a 360-degree view of the communications landscape and map out directions, milestones, challenges and destinations for every journey. It's like a GPS for your corporate communications – without the robotic voice.

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    Reputation Management

    Corporate reputation and trust are critical to success. And they need to be earned. Strata helps organizations and their leaders communicate achievements, tell authentic stories and demonstrate integrity. We take a unified approach to reputation management – from internal communications to public engagement.

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    Issues + Crisis

    "We didn't see it coming..." It's the lament of many organizations hit by unexpected issues and crises. Strata provides a disciplined, dynamic approach to issues management and crisis planning and response. You've worked hard to build your brand and reputation. We'll help you strengthen and protect them.

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    Brand Building

    We view branding as far more than a marketing or sales function. It's the essence of your company – and the touchstone of your reputation. Our brand management approach maps and targets a broad range of stakeholders and touchpoints. It deepens relationships and earns confidence, loyalty and support.

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    Environmental Communications

    Climate change and other pressing environmental issues or projects demand specialized skills and experience. We provide deep expertise and experience in community engagement, public consultation and risk communications. Our collaborative approach creates trust and shared success.

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    Corporate Storytelling

    Strata helps clients tell stories in new ways. Stories that resonate with audiences. Narratives with novel approaches. People respond to stories that are relevant – stories that touch their lives. People connecting with people. It's what makes businesses and relationships work. Let's tell your story.

  • Work + Approach

    It might seem a bit off-brand for a communications firm... but we’re not big on show and tell. We'd rather our clients take the spotlight. But we will humblebrag that for over 20 years, a diverse mix of private and public sector clients have trusted Strata to guide their brand, purpose and aspirations. That’s a lot of trust.


    It’s a privilege to sit at the table with progressive thinkers and organizations from many different spheres. Organizations that understand how thoughtful communications creates positive change.


    We listen. We learn. Then we act — through clear understanding and informed counsel.


    That’s how Strata works.


    Tell us what you're thinking.

    Then let’s make something happen.


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    John M. Gray, Principal


    With over 30 years’ experience as a communications professional, John has helped a diverse range of clients engage and connect with their audiences. He has spearheaded award-winning national and international programs for public, private and not-for-profit organizations.


    Focused on results and opportunities, John provides strategic counsel and services across the public relations and corporate communications spectrum – from primary research and strategic planning to brand-building and reputation management.


    Clients turn to John when projects call for sound judgment, clear insights and measurable results. He has been a full-time Lecturer in Canada’s leading university Public Relations program, and remains current with best-practices and trends. His talent for translating research and understanding into real-life solutions marks his work as a consultant and trusted advisor.


    As Strata's principal, John works closely with a network of like-minded professionals to bring clients the right mix of strategic and creative expertise – from project inception to successful completion.

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